Titans (DC Universe) NY Comic-Con Trailer HD

Titans follows young heroes from across the DC Universe as they come of age and find belonging in a gritty take on the classic Teen Titans franchise.

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  1. I think you guys are missing the point I was 6 years old in elementary school when Power Rangers first came out now is time for Power Rangers to catch up with this day and time and get back to their original fans and to bring up-to-date this day in too bad there not part of Marvel Universe because then they can work in those Infinity Stones you have to remember for us who were 6 years old at that time we did not read comics in the Power Rangers was our first superheroes

  2. The reason I think that power rangers struck so powerfully with kids at that time is because it was a pure and the most relatable power fantasy. We saw ordinary young men and women who could suddenly call on this power and we instantly thought "why couldn't that be me?" That's why as soon as the show was over we would fight our cousins, siblings, pillows whatever it was. We would pick our color and we would be a power ranger. There really wasn't much of anything that really related to us like that around at that time. That and it was tied up in the Martial arts mania that people couldn't get enough of at the time.

  3. Considering the black dude is playing Billy, he's suppose to be dorky… because Billy was dorky. The "cool" and "trendy" will be on Zack, the asian kid.

  4. Nothing wrong with progress. It reminds me of Chronicle, too. Adding the breakfast club is right. I'm not for the angst, but this trailer actually made me interested in watching the movie and I'm not a power ranger fan.

  5. I don't like it!!! I agree with Korey, IT'S TOO DARK!!! Power Rangers is supposed to be fun! And silly! And colorful! And corny! THAT is Power Rangers! That's what makes it awesome! I love THAT Power Rangers, and I wish that THAT Power Rangers was the focus of this movie. Not some cookie cutter adaption. Not excited, but will see it out of curiosity.

  6. I want this darker version of the Power Rangers to be good, I want this to be a series. Not all teenagers are happy or cheery, so there's nothing wrong with it being dark

  7. I'm cautiously optimistic about the movie.

    Even though I grew up on Power Rangers, the Japanese versions of these shows are quite a treat; I recommend watching them if you want to see the footage in its original context.

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