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Check out the new featurette for The Old Man & the Gun starring Robert Redford! Let us know what you think in the comments below. ▻ Buy Tickets to The Old …

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  1. I made it to episode 4 – when they had the debate on morality about torturing the hunter, and the affect on the team for this disgusting act of torture. When in the first 3 episodes, the same boss is happy to have anyone killed who accidentally finds out about the hunters to keep it secret – am i missing something.

  2. Martians took my wife……And now only DHS can help you save her…..Is this the same DHS that couldnt find its way out of a brown paper sack……Yeah totally believable…………….FAIL

  3. Anyone see "Mimic"? 1997 film about cockroaches that grew to human size and developed protective camouflage that made them look human from a distance? Between the not-at-all-subtle hints that the human form isn't the Big Bad's natural appearance, and the click-based language, all I could think of was, "Space roaches came to earth to avenge their distant relatives." Ho hum. I'll pass.

  4. HUNTERS? really? The alien thing, How the hunters jump, The hoodie…
    it is obvious They take this idea based on "left 4 dead" game, you know there's one kind of zombie called "Hunters" there.
    and its exactly like this kind of hunters tv series. Plagiarism

  5. I watched first episode and i m done. Guy in 2min get into organization, every1 trust him, he get gun and he is part of the team ;O The voice from this mutand are not scare just pathetic. Nope no more watching this serial

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