People Like Us Official Trailer – Elizabeth Banks, Chris Pine Movie (2012) HD

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  1. Young people don't understand, that in the 60s and 70s WW2 was still a very big deal, we were living in a post WW2 culture, it effected everything from the shows that we watched, to the toys children played with.

  2. Great. Great dialogues, great actors, but WHAT REALLY TOOK ME "TO THE SKIES" WERE THOSE AUTHENTIC, ALMOST PERFECT LANDINGS on THE B-17!!!T i APPRECIATE, You Classic TV Series "Crew"

  3. First episode must have been easy to write – so much borrowed from the movie. Hope it gets more imaginative as time goes by. Thanks for uploading, by the way. I miss quality television.

  4. In Brazil the series was renamed "Inferno no Céu" (Hell in the Sky) and I used to watch it on TV as a child. Many tanks for uploading! Liked. Subscribed.

  5. I would rather have my kids and grand kids watching TV shows from day one threw this era and up into the early1970's than anything that passes for 'entertainment' today. Hollywood has lost all credibility along with the alphabet 'news' media.

  6. I am reading these comments below saying to myself the very same but the real question is why do I now have to be forced to watch reruns of reruns and or retarded niggers with retarded white skanks whores on tee vee.. It's truly shows how the American school system and the political whores that run this country have failed this country and the whores in the white house that have sold or industries to china no real man in America would feel like defending this whore house we live in…. I apologize to hard working prostitutes..

  7. I didn't believe that Gallagher would take the staff job.  Imagine going to the men in your crew and saying:"Hey, guys, I've volunteered us for a very dangerous mission, and we might not come back.  But if we do, it'll be my last mission with you.  I'll be on my way to Gen. Crowe's staff and you can sweat out your remaining missions without me.  How's that sound?"  Does anyone think that they'd volunteer then?  Who wants to bet real money on it?  I wouldn't.

  8. TV shows about honor, duty, sacrifice. Seem to be lost topics in these times.
    Over 99% of eligible citizens now don't even do a military hitch.

  9. I love these shows from the late 50s and early 60s – I didn't see them when they were first aired (too young – bedtime was at 8) – but I'm enjoying them now. It's also fascinating to see all the actors I know so well from their later work showing up early in their careers.
    Case in point – I haven't seen the credits yet, or checked IMDB – but I'm sure that is Bruce Dern who has the cold when the Leper Colony is formed.

  10. What Beautiful Planes and now so few left. This series kept a few flying and that was a good thing. I salute all the men in the air and on the ground who flew or kept them in the air…all are heroes

  11. These men were Brave. We never really knew how many died in the air until many years later. The show does not show how many we lost on every mission…two or three…four at the most when we were loosing around 20-30 at a time if not more. It does show the courage and for that I am glad.

  12. 5:50 If he can't keep that thumb in line with his forefinger when he salutes someone needs to cut it off and put it in his pocket for him.

  13. Looks like monitor1862 was building Civil War Ironclads while I was working on General Lee tanks while we watched 12 O'clock High together!! Great memories reawakened!

  14. In this age of piracy and prosecution for copyright breach, it astounds me that there is NO WHERE TO BUY this great TV series!!! I like to pay for and own what tv series i collect.

  15. My father was a gunner in the B-17G. He took gunnery school in Kingman Arizona. He did not want to talk about it. He had friends die. Later he became a pilot for United Airlines and retired as captain on the Dc-8. He believed in living for GOD and COUNTRY. He taught me IN GOD WE TRUST, ONE NATION UNDER GOD, GOD BLESS AMERICA. He took me to church and taught me make Jesus Lord of your life and savior of your sin. stop sin and be holy=heaven.  Jesus is coming very soon, need to repent now, the nation needs to repent or we could lose our nation and have a dictator.

  16. I still am peeved at ME TV for cutting this great show off its lineup even at the late hours it was on , I wish I would had recorded more . I write them every week an request for it back , since You cant even buy this show on DVD .  thanks for posting show  for Us.

  17. I grew up during the 1970's watching tv shows like this. During that time, the Memphis Belle B-17 sat behind a WW-II theme restaurant in Memphis in company with another B-17, P-51D, P-40N, P-47D, C-47, and PBY Catalina. We used to play in them all. Watching this show and then playing in a real B-17 by day was the greatest adventure and I will never forget. Flying pretend missions gave us a rare understanding of the heroism of those who fought the air war during WW-II.

  18. I remember having watched this tv show when i was 10/11 years old. It was dubbed to spanish (its title: "comando aereo"). Now, finding all episodes with the original voices and in the original English language; t's COOL. Thank you for taking the trouble to give us this good series, much appreciated.

  19. I have had supervisors at work like Gen. Savage. Believe me, you did not even so much as fart crosswise in their presence. But if you did well, you knew it!

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