The Five-Year Engagement Movie CLIP #1 – Hitting on Suzie (2012) Jason Segel, Emily Blunt Movie HD

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  1. Bit of a boo boo comparing an IPS panel to the VA on the Triluminos x94 (or x93). Only thing that explains the saturated wider viewing angle…:-)

  2. You can tell Sony has really step up their 4K game 2015. Also some of their prices have gone down as well. Good cause they have lots of competition especially from Samsung.

  3. What are the tv model number. For the Full Array Backlit option in 65 or 75 inch without the speakers on the side. the X940C without speakers? Is that an option?

  4. i have bought a sony bravia android 2015 model x83c in 49 inches/zoll, for my 4k pc (two gtx980ti in sli) in 4k the picture is great, even my ps4 looks great in 1080p, but my bluray player looks horrible on that tv, the picture is far worse than on my 6 year old full hd tv, can anyone tell me how to remaster the picture from blurays in 4k? the function on my tv is not available via menü no matter what i try….
    i dont await a perfect 4k picture if i play a bluray (its 1080p and nothing will change this fact) but i await at least a clear full hd picture…
    can anyone help me in this matter?
    best regards to you all

  5. What is point of this when no movies or tv, videos are on 4k?.
    FULL HD LED good, no need for more when all movies are under 4k.

  6. As someone who's getting a Sony 2015 TV, this video has been extremely helpful. Thank you for getting such clear shots of everything, especially the information placards for each model.

    Do you have a comprehensive list of all (including 1080p) Sony 2015 models?

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