Nightflyers (Syfy) Teasers HD – George R. R. Martin Sci-Fi series

Set in 2093, Nightflyers is a psychological thriller that follows a team of scientists to the edge of the solar system to find a mysterious alien ship. Subscribe to …

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  1. for some reason i prefer the old style bards tale…..that game had shitty graphics but it had some so freaking funny and witty dialogues…..i dont know flashy graphics scare me….most of the times the devs dont pay too much attention to anythinf else besides flashy graphics…..but it is still early

  2. What is it with games thinking they can sell us off on the graphics alone? It didn't work for The Order 1886 and it won't work unless it's coupled with proper EVERYTHING ELSE. Was i the only one who thought the animation here looks terrible?

  3. Note how it said 'In Engine Footage', Not in-game. Meaning that this whole demo was built meticulously just to make it look flashy, The real game would never look like that.

  4. Useless trailer. We are not ready for that kind of graphics yet. Right now, we enjoy the currect graphics. I don't know whats the logic of making a random trailer like that.

  5. The original Bard's Tale games were turn based, with enemies displayed on screen in a first-person manner (no battle map to manuever on). The game played a lot like Final Fantasy. A modern game that pays homage to this genre would be Legend of Grimrock.

  6. Visuals look pretty, but it doesn't have the comical feel from this trailer. It also looks kind of static, and in two years i doubt this will change. Even the enemies that appeared at the end looked lifeless, the little minions repeated their animations, and quite honestly it looks like another five years of 'look at dem grafix!' type development all over again. Pretty doesn't mean good. This is how last gen started and we got nothing but really pretty garbage, and a handful of good games. I'm not buying this regardless, as i stopped following the upgrade system, buy new game, upgrade system, etc path awhile ago…hopefully this turns out to be good as i love the studio, but it just doesn't feel like it's going to be good

  7. That uncanny valley engine though. They realised the trailer now because they need as much founding as they can get, plus, 2 years is not that much for developing a game. Like a wise men said once, wait and see.

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