Bumblebee Featurette – Meet Director Travis Knight (2018) | Movieclips Coming Soon

Check out the new featurette for Bumblebee directed by Travis Knight! Let us know what you think in the comments below. ▻ Buy Tickets to Bumblebee: …

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  1. Actually I guess you didn't know but the little description for the items you pick up doesn't pop up every time, it goes away once you pick that item up. The only reason why it pops up every time in the Treehouse footage is because they kept on resetting the game.

  2. The only reasons the item box was poping up is because it was the first time they picked up those items on that save file, dont worry Nintendo won't make the same mistake twice. Game of the year incoming

  3. The sound from picking up items only appears the first time you pick it up,after that not anymore.Just gives you a little info abou the new item you found.

  4. This game is a love letter to the entire Zelda franchise as well as us, the fans. The sense of freedom I felt while watching the trailer, words just can't describe that. I love the new way of handling boundaries and obstacles, how it's entirely up to the player how he / she wants to adress and deal with these things. The developers really thought out of the box this time and them not being afraid to break certain traditions of the franchise seems to really pay off. Now if they manage to fill that huge world with enough content to explore, this might just be the greatest Zelda experience we will ever have. I really don't want to compare this game to something else, but watching the trailer gave me a very similar feeling as I had playing Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii. I can't wait to finally get my hands on Breath of the Wild.

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